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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

An Ordinary Hike on Lovely Ouray's Perimeter Trail

If ever in Lovely Ouray, the Perimeter Trail is a convenient hiking option with, well, lots of options. This 7 mile circumferential trail encircles town, undulating over 1500 feet through hill, dale, and forest, and can be accessed, or bailed from, at numerous points along the way...in case you get hungry, thirsty, tired, or an insatiable craving for a Scrap Cookie from Mouse's Chocolates.

Bobbie and I wanted a convenient, yet challenging hike the other day, so I grabbed my camera and we did "the loop."  Here are photos from the Perimeter Trail, which, FYI, accesses a dozen or so other trails in case you want more miles, elevation gain/loss, and more than one Scrap Cookie. I will warn you that the signage is not quite up to par for daydreamers like me. So pay attention, or grab a map at the Visitor's Center next to the Hot Springs Pool. Allow anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours to do the whole loop...depending on heat and energy level.
Peace Out,
Mark and Bobbie

Stay tuned for a wildflower post, it's "on deck," waiting for a few words of wisdom :))

Lovely views of Lovely Ouray

Mount Abram....

The "Ice Park" loop

Penstock Pipeline that feeds a small hydroelectric plant in town

Twin Peaks is a nice option for driven sadists out there...

The Bridge across Box Canyon

View from bridge

Beware of the Troll that lives beneath the bridge...

A good place to cool off


  1. Love the perimeter trail. It sure is gets you some great views and offers a decent workout right from town.

  2. As most first-timers know an excellent way get get a feel for the lay of the land.

  3. Ah, yes, we got lost on the Perimeter trail more than once. Great hike for being so close to town.

  4. This is a hike I hope to be able to do one day soon! I always enjoy your photos looking at the town below. Love the bridges and waterfalls.

  5. Amazing to live in a town with a perimeter trail in the first place but one with such views, waterfall, pool/lake is fantastic. Right now we can only dream of getting west to see it. How far is the nearest cancer center?

    1. Yes, there is an excellent cancer center in Montrose, just 40 minutes away!!!

  6. I loved seeing the high res photos in your album, even though they were also at the end of the blog. Quite a difference!. Also. This is a hike, finally, that I could see Mo and I doing with you if we ever get the chance to visit Lovely Ouray when you are there. No life threatening crazy scree falls or knife ridge runs, or snow fields! Lovely.

  7. Ouray looks so lovely. What area of Colorado is it in? I have only been to Durango, where I was born, on a few occasions.

    1. Ouray is only about 80 miles from Durango...straight north, except for the curves in the road :)

  8. Definitely on the list for our next visit Mark!


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