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Monday, January 2, 2017

Forget "Resolutions!" Instead Make a "Plan," and Make it Happen

Bobbie and I had a New Year Eve eve snow-romp up to Commodore  Basin with son, Caleb, and dottor-n-law, Kelli. Lordy, it was such a beautiful, warm day... so nice, in fact, that if all of winter was "such," I could almost winter here :).

But then I would miss this...

...reliving anew childhood memories of when I was but a wee little son-of-a-vagabond Missionary-man and his wife, always on the hunt for God's Will. 

I'm not sure if they ever found it, as "God's Will" tends to flit from bush to bush like a butterfly... always just out of reach. I do, however, remember the backroads taken along the way; they were Heavenly, and to this day have a lock on my heart and mind.  

This morning I noticed that 7 out of the next 10 days are forecasted to have snow. So I'm feeling antsy; like there's a fair-weather itch that needs scratching but I can't quite reach it. I know myself well enough to realize that if I lived "there," or anywhere else for that matter, I would be itching to be here. Without compromise, chronic malcontentedness could blossom into full-time disease. But just because I'm grumpy doesn't mean I'm not happy!

I think one of the secrets to happiness is to always have a plan... something on the calendar to look forward to. Now a plan differs from hope in a big way. For me, hope is highly overrated. It's like a car without an engine, just sits there in the way and distracts you from doing something about it. Hope in full of intangibles.... ethereal butterflies on gossamer wings.  A plan, on the other hand, requires action... steps to be taken, preparation... and purpose. A plan leaves hope in the dust. 

For instance, you can hope to get in shape this year, lose weight, or go someplace new... you can even set a goal and make it a New Year's resolution. But hope, goals, and resolve are nouns, not verbs. Planning, on the other hand, requires action. Instead of a resolution to "Lose 10 pounds," make a plan on the calendar, one that lays out in more detail how to succeed.  

January 1st: "Walk/hike/snowshoe two hours." January 2nd: "Swim a mile."  January 3rd: "Deposit 50 dollars of paycheck in travel savings account." 

Or, in my case, January 10th: "Leave for Arizona." 😏

From our family to your's, Happy New Year!!!
Now go make a "plan."
Mark and Bobbie


  1. I've never been one to make resolutions but this year I'm changing my tune and setting intentions...and I intend to be grateful and patient and to get my fill of outdoor time (aka therapy) this coming year!

    Wishing you both a fabulous year full of outdoor adventures!

  2. Someday you will have to help me understand how having "a plan" when it comes to travel is good while having a "bucket list" is not. ;-)

    I'm not sure I could make a plan to swap those dreamy, pristine snowy peaks for the desert scrub quite so soon...

    1. Semantics, my dear. I just don't like the thought of lugging a bucket around :) Not to mention that plans are more defined as to when, how, and where. It brings them into focus from the nebula of "someday." But whatever works... your bucket seems to get you around the world, whereas my plans have me stuck in the four corner states :)
      Besides, my truth is but another man's lie...
      World According To Mark

  3. Jan. 10 sounds like a wonderful date for me to be rolling west also. Great Plan.

  4. Making a plan and making it happen works for us as well. I wanted to loose 50 lbs and I did, I wanted to spend winters in a warmer climate other than Canada and we are making it happen over 10 years now. I wanted to own a restaurant and I did for 10 years and so on It sure works for us.
    Travel safe.

  5. Some of 2017 is firm, some still in Jello. Southern Utah now. Southern Arizona next week. So Cal in February. Workcamping at Flaming Gorge this summer. Colorado and Zion October/November. Fill in the gaps, rinse and repeat. Next New Year's in Florida? Maybe.

  6. Plans are to be IN Arizona by the tenth. Might run into you, again.

  7. I love plans....!

    Beautiful, as always, Mark!

  8. We set our intentions, make clear plans, and let the magic happen. Nonetheless, intentions and plans are sometimes derailed—we just experienced a drastic, unexpected change of our plans for the next few months. There's something to be said for not being overly attached to plans...and for being able to be present and grateful no matter what. Enjoy your winter sojourn!

    1. You make a good point, Laurel. "Life" throws random curveballs... and you guys just experienced one of those "forks in the road" that could have had a terrible outcome. With your flexibility and positive attitudes, you will be back doing what you do in no time. Take care, mark

  9. My personality is always making plans, especially when it comes to the day's exercise activity. What a wonderful snowshoeing hiking! Gorgeous photos:)

  10. I can feel the crispness and clarity of the air from your photos. Thats good advice "Make a plan and make it happen". Nothing ever gets done unless you shift your backside.

  11. You & Bobbie are doing a good job of acting on your plans, we can all see that. Best of all love seeing the winter shots with just the four of you in them rather than 400hundred or 4thousand other folks, priceless!
    Al & I are with you on the planning, come Jan 1 we look at the calendar and plan a late winter trip, a Spring trip to Oregon or Wash, summer never leave Sonoma Co, fall ,Ouray here we come and winter usually go somewhere out of town as Winter along the coast is the best time for photography. The rest of time one of us will be working on fixing the pictures and putting the photo books together.
    Now I just checked you weather for the rest of the week you are going to be lucky if you can get out of your drive way by the 10th🇨🇭(remember your nickname).
    Stay Thirsty my friends


  12. Happy New Year to you and yours! I agree...a plan is a much better way to approach the future than resolutions. I never thought of it that way, but now that you bring it up I agree....brilliant! Enjoy your winter, be it in the snow or in the dessert. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful photos in this new year!

  13. Happy New Year, really enjoy your blog

  14. On our way home from my first plan of the year, tomorrow I sit down to make the weight loss plan! You put it well Happy New Year to you both!


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