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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Affirmation: A Letter From Leon

Dear Mark and Bobbie...

Greetings on this fine day. 
As I rest old tired legs for an upcoming event on Sunday, after a 16 month running sabbatical (due to foot injury), I have time to ponder and reflect... think about a training day last week that reafirmed my athletic life.

On a bright, clear, blue sky day, as I trekked along a greenbelt... small cliffs on either side, the creek flowing swiftly after recent rains... I spotted a Red Tail Hawk gliding along the currents; a symbiosis of air and wing. The majestic bird sailed a perfect arc across the morning sky. As I stood and watched its flight, it occured to me... the reassurance that I am doing what I need to be doing the remaining days of my life.  

If I keep summoning the courage to persue my passions with purpose and without fear, I, too, can experience such synchronicity as the hawk. As a minimalist traveler I met on the road once said, "Pursue what's in your heart, and the Universe will conspire to support you."  

Sitting on a jagged outcrop, feet dangling into cold, soothing water, I somehow realize that, yes, I am content, and everything will workout.  

With this new found insight to fortify me, I will continue my journey into life's unknown abyss.

From our dedicated Pal, Marathon Man Leon (Lenard)... a minimalist, solo vagabond who divides his recreational time between "Keep Austin Weird," Texas, and Lovely Southwest Colorado.

At one time or another, most people go through times when they question choices and direction. Your letter, Leon, cuts through meaningless clutter and reminds me that maybe our priorities are not so screwed up after all. Thank you.
To our next race up Log Hill, when we will both shatter previous "Personal Bests."
Mark and Bobbie


  1. What a poignantly, poetically penned letter. Fortunate are you all three to count the others as such dear friends.

  2. Encouraging and inspiring. Keep on keepin' on

  3. Leonard the marathon man rocks. May we all overcome obstacles and Nurture friends. What a beautiful letter. -scamp

  4. I think that pretty much seals the deal Mark. Now we can look forward to more BCBs in 2017!😋
    Stay thirsty my friend

  5. Hope Leon's race on Sunday went well!

  6. Thanks for sharing that letter. It is always good to get those life affirming moments! Also very nice to see some summer photos from the San Juans.

    1. Thanks Chris... we need to get together for some hikes if you are going to be in Southern Arizona over the next few weeks!!!

  7. Week from Sunday I celebrate 69 years old- I will be running Melbourne half marathon- to celebrate-- I feel a little like Leon in some ways! but liking the beach life more all the time-- Steve-- Walden creek rv


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