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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Twas The Grump Before Christmas

Twas the Grump before Christmas and throughout Lovely Ouray
He was stirring moodily about in the middle of the day
Twas icy and windy... a big storm rolling in
As a last minute shopper he's weary and grim

He must be catching cold, his nose a faucet
He'd rather be home and warm, sorting out his closet
In a Post Office crush that feels like a zoo 
He's caught in a mob... half with the flu

“You’re underdressed,” a kindly old lady mentions
“Shorts in this weather? You must have dementia!”
“It’s not all that cold,” he rebuffs with a shiver
“I’ve had enough whiskey to kill both our livers”

He imagines good tidings, peace, and joy
How the real meaning of Christmas is not about gifts and toys
But outside, eyes roll at shoppers who move like molasses
Bracing the furious wind that’s kicking their asses

He longs to head south, put the Holidays behind
He's dour in heart and sour of mind
Neither Santa nor Bobbie like bad attitudes
He must find a way to cheer his bad mood 

He recalls only yesterday, on a snowy hike up Oak Creek Trail
The beauty of Twin Peaks breaking through misty veil
Big Horn Sheep's curious peer from precipice above
And Lovely Ouray at his feet... what's not to love? 

If totally honest, there are places more grim 
And people who’d give anything to trade places with him
His little town, with its snow, cold, and a storm moving in
Is still better than all of the places he's ever been...

Merry Christmas and love to all our faithful readers and commenters.
Peace out,
mark and bobbie


  1. Merry Christmas!You do live in one of the prettiest places I've ever been. Want to trade places? You can come to Florida where it's hot, humid and crowded with tourists and snowbirds. Gone are our backroads, clear lakes and citrus groves. All replaced by a mouse!

  2. WHAT A CHRISTMAS GIFT TO US AND ALL YOUR BCB FANS MARK, SPECTACULAR OURAY AND THE SAN JUANS. The Christmas poem was very authentic but for pete's sake get some long johns on will ya! You are going to give me your cold.
    Photos are just spectacular and snow scenes are tricky at best but you sure capture the feeling of winter in a mountain town.
    Grateful in Guerneville

  3. Love you header, lover your concluder and all the parts within. Happiest of Holidays you old grump! Takes one to recognize on though I've never known a grump/poet. New resume in order.

  4. Good grief it's beautiful there. It's unfortunate that it's so dang cold. Thank you for all the beauty you've shared with us all year. Do you nice work.

  5. Outstanding poem, Mark:) These group of photos are some of the most beautiful I've seen. Your header is amazing!! I'm with Joan, I'll trade with you. This hot, humid, bug filled state is not for me!! Happily heading west out of Florida on New Year's Day!! Can not wait!

    Merry Christmas to you and Bobby!!

  6. As I was reading, I thought that I would be happy to trade places with you. Then I read the comments and found out I would have to wait in line. I also had the thought that this post was like a gift to us from you. If you won't trade places, at least you share. And do a magnificent job of it, too! Thank you!

  7. You found a happy place for Christmas!!! Good for you! And you're a grand poet and we didn't know it!

    You guys have a Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Enjoyed your beautiful photos and wonderful poem. You certainly live in a beautiful place. Merry Christmas! Mary Lou

  9. You may be an old grump, but you're a talented old grump. Glad you came to your senses on "what's not to love," if not on what to wear. Incredibly beautiful photos.

    Happy Christmas Day to you and Bobbie.

  10. Merry Christmas Mark and Bobbie! I would so love a white Christmas, guess I'll just have to enjoy one vicariously through you! ;-)

  11. Merry Christmas to you and Bobbie. I so enjoy reading your blog and all your insight and banter, not to mention the awesome photos. Love your poem in today's post it is so you!!!!

  12. Greetings of the season and thanks for all your stimulating, entertaining posts and gorgeous photos over the years. The photo in this post with the snowy peaks surrounded by fluffy clouds is now my desktop photo.


  13. Merry Christmas to you and Bobbie! Thank you for sharing your adventures.


  14. Merry Christmas to you both. Your talent is only exceeded by your years :) Beautiful header photo.

  15. ....no place like home for the holidaiz. Happy Solstice!!!

  16. I love the poem Mark! And the pictures are gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you and Bobbie......

  17. Merry Christmas! and thank you for wonderful pictures and words over the year.

  18. Merry Christmas, you old grump and to Bobbie, also! Good to see you don't stay grumpy very long though with those beautiful snow covered mountains to hike in. Thanks for all of the stories and beautiful photos throughout 2016. Looking forward to more in 2017!

  19. Merry Christmas, you old grump and to Bobbie also! Glad to see that you don't stay grumpy for very long though with those beautiful mountains in your backyard to play in. Thanks for all of the great stories and photos through 2016 and looking forward to more in 2017!

  20. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  21. Dunno yet... if'in weese be comin' true dare da day-of, din yes'm. :)

  22. Absolutely perfect for a grumpy guy yet I'm betting you secretly love all that snow for Christmas. Great shots of your beautiful, please keep all that white stuff there, Ouray.

  23. Merry Christmas Mark. May 2017 bring interest, excitement and wonder to your life.



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