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Thursday, May 12, 2016

"The sun will come out tomorrow... "

There are snowy, cold days when the cynic in me finds it curious, that the older I get the less evidence there is for the existence of a "benevolent God." Evidence for evil, however, mounts like rubbish in a landfill. Innocent little children are dying from cancer and tornados and bombs, and the Guy in charge turns a blind eye? That is a "just" God? Right. I've never felt so "on my own," so freaking at the whim of arrows that reign down from On High.  

Anyway, after several days of yet another period of loathsome winter-like elements, the weather-guessing infidels are back to making "sunny and warm" promises they can't keep... starting today if you believe in Fairytales. 65 degrees? So if "they" are correct, then here's a little forecast of my own: The Fat Tire will come out of storage (again) tomorrow morning, as soon as Old Sol peeks over Mount Sunblock. Time for the old man to challenge Camp Bird Road... or vice versa :).
In other non-weather related news... 

Bobbie and I are taking Pastel Painting lessons. A Pastelist gal named Barb, who Bobbie met via the local "art network," has consented to share her expertise with a couple of floundering wannabes. 

Bobbie and I (mostly me, actually) are struggling to get over the "Berlin Wall" that seemingly separates the left brain from the right. Unlike riding a mountain bike or playing the keyboard, or other creative endeavors, watercolor painting is a "use it or lose it" affair.  It's a lot like fitness, lay off for a few days and it feels like you're starting over.
Have a look at Barb's demo painting...  

Wow! Canyonlands, glowing in the evening sun.

Looks easy, right? Well here's my "under-painting," so far so good... 

Hopefully the lessons will get "juices" flowing again and we can quit filling the local landfill with wasted paper, which, when you think about it, is counter intuitive. Switching mediums always set you back!  Thus, expectations scrape bottom going in. Who knows, after a couple beers I might even share this new brawl with Art Demons. 


  1. OH I would so love to have an artist like that around for lessons, and time to take them. Instead I am mowing, mowing, mowing and more mowing. Like you, things will! change. Happy Spring

  2. I am impressed. Nice water colors from both of you. If I just got into the right mood....

  3. I do not have much, if any, artistic talent so applaud anyone that does or even tries. What I have discovered is I do have a slight talent for drawing quilt block patters, mosaics and tile patters using HTML Canvas and Javascript code.

    The past few weeks I have been working through a Geometric Design tutorial that explains how to draw designs using a compass and straight edge. I have taken the lesson concepts and done the same thing with Javascript. Good mental exercise for an 'ol fart.

  4. Looking good. I am so NOT artistic that I can't even imagine where you begin.

  5. Would love to try that class! Have fun on your ride!

  6. A beer always makes us better.. well, maybe not on a bike.

  7. Good luck with your new painting process. Love Bobbie's painting:)


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