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Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Spell Progress With A Great Big Pee

Just a few photos of "The Cars of Bisbee," starting with the Hillary Mobile. The above photo was taken during her run to be the Democratic nominee for President. Either by unfortunate timing or bad luck or both, she ended up butting heads with a most articulate black candidate by the name of Obama, whose "timing" couldn't have been better. Americans wanted a black president; it was time, it was a statement, it was, in some small twisted way, maybe subconscious relief of debt and past deeds, it took a vague form of recompense. But don't repaint the Hillary Mobile yet, cause it looks like Mrs Clinton wants to reclaim and remodel the White House again. She's baaaccck :) 2016 might be one of those elections where you just hold your nose and punch the chads.

Ok BCB faithful, in spite of a deluge of requests not to, I'm going to give yet another medical update (fanfare, drum rolls, etc….now).

I had my third surgery in six weeks yesterday. Yep, we are on a first name basis with most of the staff and nurses at Montrose Memorial Hospital. There were a lot of double takes when Bobbie and I made our way into the surgical ward, "What are you guys doing here?" we're baaaccck :).

Long story short, a surgeon inserted a needle into my abdomen and sucked out over a liter of blood. I was under strict orders from General Anesthesia to sleep through the whole ordeal so it all went by in a flash for me. But poor Bobbie had to endure another long wait in the "restless room." My surgeries have yet to be completed in the timeframe she has been told to expect, so it is much harder on her than me.

Doc cut another hole and inserted a tube, allowing any remaining blood to continue to drain into a neat little device that I can only describe as a vacuum bulb. It's a hollow bladder of sorts about the size of a tennis ball. It is clear and made from a stiff rubberized material. When squeezed (compressed completely) air is removed. The bleed tube is then attached to the bulb, which, upon release induces a light vacuum and gently pulls more blood from my stomach. The bulb must be emptied into a measuring container a couple times per day and we make note of the ml's drained. 

So, I no longer look like a bean pole that's three month pregnant. With any luck, Doc will remove the tube tuesday and, barring infection, I will be patched up and start to resume normal activities.

For the past four or five weeks—since the hematoma formed, when ever that was—there has been so much pressure in my abdomen that it nearly shut down my ability pee—ten percent evacuation at most. This left me with a continuous urgent need to relieve myself. I had to get up at minimum 15 times every night...go to the bathroom...get only a dribble. Then back to bed only to immediately feel like I needed to pee again. It was relentless, day and night, but nights, as you can imagine were the worst because I could only get a few minutes of sleep here and there. So yes, I was beginning to look and feel like a Zombie. 

The abdominal pressure also impacted my intestinal tract in a similar fashion; but I won't go into that…in case you're having breakfast. Let's just say taking anything more than a short drive in the car became an ordeal…even long walks were impossible. Tragic what a little "bleed" can do to one's system.

After surgery I was keen to take a test-leak to see if the drain fixed my problem. For the first time in a month, I was able to evacuate nearly 100%. Honestly, I almost cried. It had been such a long, painful, and unbearable experience. One of those little things you just take for granted—peeing—until it's taken away from you. I doubt I shall ever pee again without making the sign of a cross on my chest. 

The old Jail House in Bisbee. One's a photo, the other a small painting I sketched. Which is which. 

Same with Bobbies painting/photo...


  1. Spell it anyway you want, just keep progressing. Lots of trails out there waiting for you...

  2. gotta get well! Tell those doctors to get their act together and get you fixed!

    Fingers, toes, arms, legs...everything is crossed hoping you will get well soon.

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  3. I get why you were so able to identify with my river post.....So glad you weren't sucked under. Hoping you will be up and out there again soon. Hang in there.

  4. good lord! Mark... and bless yer bones ~ I'd been ~ be a basketcase... great to learn your on the mend...

  5. I'm with you Mark. In the hospital after surgery waiting in my first bmp so I can go home. Pain and misery. It is no fun. Get well soon!

    1. Gosh Gummy…git 'er done and git out. Hoping you are cured and free to roam again soon. Keep us posted.

  6. Good grief what an ordeal! You two guys are extraordinarily talented. I would only be guessing at the painting/photo choices. I am green with painting envy. ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to be able to paint what I see or even draw it would be good. Hope your life can get back to normal again now. Go to bed and get some sleep.

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Mark.


    See, I can do it.

  8. By the way, I love the art work.


  9. Geez and all kinds of other (less PG) words. Sure hope third time is the charm and you're now done. Congrats on the big pee....I can't even imagine what that might have been like. Love the paintings!!


  10. Hoping the doc's fixed everything up this time and you have a fast recovery. My guess is that the photos are on the right and the painting are on the left, had to look closely to see the differences.

  11. Hope this is the last big "hiccup" for a long time. Keep healing!

  12. I would say you had some very painful complications with your follow up to the hernia operation. I feel for you but it appears you are finding some daily joy in your life. With summer on the way and the flowers starting to bloom, life is going to get better. Best to you...

  13. just to play it safe... at least for a while... when you go out walking around town or the local trails?... and you think you see "a light at the end of the tunnel"? ... send in a democrat first... You know... to make sure it ain't a high balling Freightliner :-P

  14. just to play it safe... at least for a while... when you go out walking around town or the local trails?... and you think you see "a light at the end of the tunnel"? ... send in a democrat first... You know... to make sure it ain't a high balling Freightliner :-P

  15. Great to hear that the healing process is speeding up for you now.

  16. Good Lord, Mark! A hernia operation turns into a fiasco?! Sounds eerily similar to a friend who had "routine" gall bladder surgery. Terrific paintings and photos. Best of luck...


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