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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Just Defending My "Turf" Against Misguided Blog Bullies

Gallery Boy here, reporting in from work on Main Street, Ouray. It's Sunday—which happens to be my Friday—and it's raining, and it's slow. I got a kick out of the little Tyke in the lead photo—zooming through the grass, Frisbee in hand, looking for "game," apparently. Those darn dandelions kept tripping him up, though. "Somebody needs to mow this grass."

I am surrounded by Fine Art, so if you are in the neighborhood bring your deep pockets and help feed a starving artist…and a Gallery Boy. :)  Once upon a time there were as many as four galleries in Lovely Ouray. Only two remain, tho a few gift shops carry a smattering of local artwork. Bobbie's watercolors are prominently represented in Bear Creek, and in the "Colorado Room" of the Wildflower Boutique. Most artists create far more art than they sell. I've always wondered what they do with it, just let it pile up around them? or let their kids deal with the overproduction after the funeral? I'm thinking we should have a garage sale and sell it for pennies on the dollar, or by the pound, then go blow the wad on Scrap Cookies at Mouses Chocolates. :)) 

Anyway, as you can tell, a slow day in Ouray. Rain in June is rare so we'll take it. Afternoon monsoons start up in early July—flashes of blinding light followed by long rolls of thunder. I hope to be wading knee-deep in alpine wildflowers come July…way above timberline…making "trivial" Scenic Postcard Porn for the Faithful, not to mention a couple of sanctimonious "sinners" who like to sneak peeks behind closed and locked doors. What a rush that must be. On more than one occasion, I have seen the "pious one" actually photographing wildflowers and mountains, and have the photos to prove it. Some day I might have to "out" his hypocrisy. Hee hee.

May the views out your "Imax" wrap you in serenity and bolster your mood  :))

"Pirate" Bobbie and Nephew Darin in the Imax Living Room. 

desert primrose

A maxed out river runs through Lovely Ouray

If I had a teenage daughter, this is what I'd plant outside her bedroom window…maybe some cholla, too!!!

Cars for Little People


  1. Short blog, but none-the-less (nonetheless) worthy. As usual, your photos are masterful and your words to the point. Well done.

  2. Amazing how full the Umcompaghre is compared to last June when we were there! You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.

  3. I do believe the pious one is just one, and the lovers of your post card porn are numbered in the hundreds. Glad you have the gallery, at least it helps to give you something else to think about besides the recent crappy stuff. And. I really loved that view of your living room. What an amazing Imax view. You weren't kidding!

  4. Still loving all the eye candy you present! To hell with the pious one.
    I suspect my mother might have wished for some cactus and cholla by my bedroom window... instead I had a porch roof with a drain pipe. Led to all kinds of trouble.... :D

  5. The rivers are high around Cody and Yellowstone, too - and I went on a rafting trip last week, fun stuff.

  6. If I could pick a summer place to live, it would be Ouray! Absolutely beautiful Mark!

  7. Mark - Like the weather _I see great improvement ahead in your recovery to good health- OH - your new car looks nice! show off! Walden Creek rv steve

  8. Glad I finally got to meet you and Bobbie last week. Enjoyed hanging around your beautiful city but am now headed back south to Durango for a while. Hope you recover from your surgeries soon. Looking forward to the bike roundup in Utah next fall.

  9. Judging by the pretty posies, the best turf defense is a good offense. ;-)

  10. I don't know nuttin' about Ouray art galleries or art in general, except that you two are Lifestyle Artists. Can't wait until you bounce back into that.

  11. I used to have one of those tiny cars. It was weird driving it, felt like my butt was too close to the road. Lovely photos as always. Here's hoping your recovery continues to progress and that your stamina returns.


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