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Friday, May 30, 2014

Long Story Has No Ending

Most of Colorado was a "bust" weather-wise over Memorial Day weekend. Snow, rain and cold really put a damper on all those pallid, cabin fevered campers so desperate get outdoors. Lovely Ouray was no exception, and thus tourism was on the light side.

I'm beginning to feel indifferent to bad weather since my playground privileges have been revoked by the Forces of Evil. I'm feeling a little better now, and the string of sunny 70 degree days forecasted to fill the vacuum of a freshly departed winter-replay puts a smile on my mood. 

Of course this means I'll soon be headed off to work at the Skol Gallery, too, which will be a welcome change of scene where I can hopefully finish recovering and put last gasps of medical torment behind me. It's something I liken to slogging up a towering sand dune, there are times when one wonders if they are making progress.

We Interrupt This Blog Post...

And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, Bobbie woke up with double vision a few mornings ago. So it's back to the E R, this time for my Lovely wife, home health care assistant, counselor, and pillar of support. Brain scans reveal no signs of stroke and clear carotid arteries. Doc suggested she see an Ophthalmologist, who, of course, has a different diagnosis and wants an MRI of the brain stem to rule out MS (a long shot, as it usually strikes younger people) and try to better pinpoint the cause. Assuming it's not MS, the vision disturbance is likely a small clot in the one of the nerves that controls eye movement and "should" clear up in a couple of weeks "or so." The prognosis is that it's not likely to reoccur. A daily baby aspirin was prescribed, and we are now waiting on more tests and results…again. 

Bobbie and I are dumbfounded, but confident things will get better simply because they can't get any worse… 

Bobbie adds "scale" to a massive arch in Utah

Riding a Pacific Coast bike trail near the Redwoods Forest

Circumventing a fallen Redwood

My mountain bike inside a massive Redwood...

Covered Bridges near McMinville, Oregon.


  1. Praying for renewed health and strength of spirit for you guys.

  2. Hoping things start improving for you guys. Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way :-)

  3. Oh Mark!! I had double vision, actually a kind of crossed vision, as if I was looking cross eyed. Thought I was having a stroke, it was terrifying. Mo said my eyes were not crossed to look at them, it was a brain thing, not an eye thing. Eventually I figured out to close one eye, cover it with my hand, and roll my open eye around. then switch eyes. This seems to fix it, and even if it doesn't, I can at least continue what I was doing if I keep one eye shut. After multiple non diagnosis tries, I eventually decided it was what is called an "ocular" migraine. Weird eye stuff without the headache. I also get visual lights, which are also another form of ocular migraine. Most doctors just want to do an MRI and a gazillion tests. Hopefully this info will help Bobbie a bit if hers is like mine. More an irritation than a scary thing. Give Bobbie my best, and yourself as well.

  4. Oh my goodness, will the pain ever end! Fingers crossed that Bobbies malady is something brief and not to be repeated. Glad to read you are feeling decent. It's probably a very good thing you have a job lined up to keep you in town, on the slow mend, and don't overdo it!

  5. Geez! The health gods are not playing nice with you two. Sure hope this is the last of it and that you'll soon be able to look back at this ridiculous time and dismiss it completely as a blip on the horizon. Thinking of you both!

  6. I've stopped saying things can't get worse because they always can. Hoping you continue to feel better and Bobbie heals quickly. Your pictures as always are beautiful.

  7. Hope Bobbie's vision problem turns out OK. Like Sue, I had a problem with Ocular Migraine about 8 years ago. I would get zig- zag lines and holes in my vision (no pain but it would freak me out, thought I was going blind). The episode would last about 15 minutes and happened every couple of weeks for about 6 months. No treatment was given and I have not had an episode in 7 years.
    Get well soon........

  8. Wishing Bobbie the very best, hoping this is a one time occurance and not serious. One day at a time .....

  9. What's the saying, "When it rains, it pours!" It sure is raining on your parade. Please let us know how Bobby is doing since there is no diagnosis. Sure hoping all is well and just a temporary little set back for Bobbie. Good to hear you are slowly moving forward, also.

    Your new header is awesome! Where was this taken?

  10. Your news makes me sad. Your photos make me happy. (especially the jelly!) I trust the news is just temporary, and the bad news is already starting to fall behind you as you both focus on perfect health! Sending positive thoughts for a quick turn around.

  11. Besides the discomfort and fear, the really disgusting thing about your current problems is that it is detracting from a wonderful lifestyle. There are few people who have a lifestyle that makes me smile just to think of it. You and Bobbie are the rare exceptions. Here's hoping that you soon bounce back to your usual way of life!

  12. Hope you are both improving and that life is going smoother!

  13. This is awful news and I am so sad (and pissed). You two are the epitome of text book health and aging...Enough!! Seriously, best to Bobbie and you!

  14. I ditto exactly what everyone else has said and especially Lynda... Enough!

  15. hey now, speedy recovery to you and bobby!!! sending good vibes your way.


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