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Thursday, February 23, 2012


No, you're not lost... I just moved down the street, albeit kicking and screaming all the way.
As you might know, my beloved, intuitive iweb blogging program is going away come summer. I'm over it now but let me tell you, there were a lot of tears... as if there was an impending death within the family. Well, not quite, but you get the idea; humans love their little ruts... resist change to the point of de-evolving.  

That's when I said, "Mark, you crusty ol' bastard, your middle name is change... you are a born again dyed in the wool Nomad. So don't be a hypocrite; go find a new place to dwell." Thus, this is my first post from Hotel Blogger; and if Jupiter aligned with Mars... and my Go Daddy redirects traffic correctly... we will be meeting here from now on. It's a little sparse, but I'm not completely moved in yet. Hopefully it will grow on us.

I put a link to the old Box Canyon Blog over on the right. I'll soon put a link to the Artful RV Adventure so you can go wandering off from your office or home any time you feel the need. God, we've gone to some amazing places. If you're not hitting up the archives of the Artful Adventure, then you are missing out on some pretty cheap vicarious travel adventures and purdy pictures.  

So even though I detest moving... spending hours on tech details that are a wanton waste of daylight and darkness when I could be out hiking, or asleep, dreaming of hiking, here I am. I'll get around to opening boxes as time permits. Merciful God, these are the things that shortens lives (spit).


  1. Replies
    1. 1:41 pm mountain time. Comments are showing loud and clear. New blog looks gorgeous.

    2. hmmm... of course - I - would be the one to come up with weirdness. Been trying to change out the link on MY home on the web. And though I put in the URL to THIS page... it insists on taking me back to the old digs :)

      Otherwise... Lookin' Good!

    3. Brian, just try using http://www.boxcanyonblog.com and that should do it. and thanks for changing it :))

  2. Well- it has always been enjoyable traveling with you- so lead on!

  3. Thanks all,
    I can already see some things I need to tweak... just doesn't feel like "home" yet. :))

  4. Im having trouble subscribing? Just directs me back to the old web address and not reviving rss feeds?

    1. Hi Jeff, I had an rss subscribe button on the old site but here on Blogger i don't see an option for rss feed or subscription.

      If you are talking about the "Followers: Join this site" window down in the right sidebar, then it will not show up as an rss feed, as i understand it, but rather on your Google Reader, or, if you have a blog on Blogger, on your Dashboard under the tab "My Blogs."

      hope this helps, and thank you.


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