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Monday, February 27, 2012

Colorado Desert Rat

I have yet to put on a long pair of pants since returning home to Colorado from sunny Arizona, even on a hike through deep snow on Oak Creek Trail. It's a badge of stubbornness I guess... wishful thinking. But what good is a nice tan if you don't flaunt it in the jaundiced faces of sun-starved locals (grin).

Adjustments continue here at my new digs in Bloggerville, but it feels like I'm the one being tweaked. Let me just say, once one adjusts to Apple's oh-so-intuitive gadgets and software and is forced back to PC land, well, it makes for a rough ride. It's like a righty trying to throw left handed... it can be done but your good stuff is gone. Take iphones for instance... they come without instructions! But in a day or two, with the help of my nine year old great niece Maya, I could get around. I find Blogger too right-brained for artsy types. Give me another week.

Flailing Spruce trees out the Imax suggest that the high winds that had us pinned indoors a few days ago have returned. Oh goody; spring is worse than winter in that regard. Over on the front range where the city slickers live winds clocked 100 mph. Gusts around here are usually only 40 or 50 mph. I spent most of that time indoors looking for alternatives to iweb. I tried practice blogs on Wordpress and several others but found them all "left handed." The idea was to migrate my entire blog from iweb to someplace new. Alas, since Bill Gates is not my neighbor, I couldn't get it done for lack of expertise. Oh well, manually moving it just might prove easier... one post at a time (ugh).

It's going to take some time adjusting to the way photos are added and displayed here in Bloggerville. "Change is good," but I liked the infinite control in iweb, instead of small, medium or large... left, centered or right. Ok, enough crying; I'm here and I'll make it work eventually. Bare with, please.

Now for a few photos taken around Lovely Ouray between spring storms. 


  1. I LOVE Ouray, and we were there a number of times over the years. However, as a passenger I was almost to the passing out stage on 550 between Silverton and Ouray.

    When I headed to Durango in 2010, I challenged myself to drive up to Ouray. I made it to Silverton, but I could not get myself to continue to Ouray, and I felt badly. It's such a lovely town with incredible scenery all around, but the thought of the white knuckle drive was beyond what I felt was safe. In the back of my mind, I knew I couldn't all along. I think other drivers should thank me. LOL

    We loved that whole area, but we were never there in the winter--a hardy bunch you are! Your pictures are beautiful. I can't even imagine the courage it takes to propel (is that the right word?) down those cliffs!

    I've used Mac's since the 1980s, and have always listened to the "wars" that have occurred between the PC and Apple tribes. The company I worked for was the largest Apple user other than Apple themselves so I was sold immediately, and got a Mac to work on at home, as well. I hear of more and more people switching from PC to Mac than the other way around (and for good reason, in my opinion). Your reasoning was dead on--I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with my left hand, Mark!

  2. Great photos of Ouray wintry scenes, but I will stay here until some of that ice and snow melt. A day when the temps don't get over 50 degrees is not where I want to be.

  3. Hobo,
    Cool that you know of Ouray. Red Mountain Pass is a doozy... I guess we are just use to it cause we use it even during blizzards and black ice.

    You would need long sleeve Hawaiian shirts here for sure. We will be back in Az at the end of march... near Sedona. Let's go for a hike!

  4. Shoot. Just lost my whole comment. I was speaking to a shop owner one day while buying post cards for my grandkids. He told me that the Mayor actually did the photography. He also told me that he made a trip to Durango once per week even in the winter.

    I was also in Sedona in 2010 (we had been there before). I always manage to get in the southwest at the wrong time of year so I guess I haven't appreciated it. Three days and I'm ready to head for the green hills. I couldn't believe the heat when I was there--even though it was "dry" heat, it was unbearable. I wouldn't have been there except that my daughter had a week off and wanted to fly out to meet me so I met her in Las Vegas--stayed in Boulder City. I was glad to have seen the Dam--the bridge was almost finished. Las Vegas I could have done without.

  5. Stop yer belly-achin'. You just need a little more time to get used to blogger. I think your new blog looks better than the old one.

  6. Personally I enjoy running on Wordpress. Have you given that one a try?

  7. Hobo,
    Ouray has had some illustrious mayors... W. C. McCall among them.
    I would take Sedona over Vegas any day!

    I tried Wordpress in a practice format... tried them all. Finally threw a dart and ended up on Blogger.
    Love your post "We we do our jobs." Insightful.
    If you want a good "read," folks, click and read:


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