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Time For A Change

House For Sale in Lovely Ouray Colorado

Tired of the Burbs?
Tired of the Traffic?
Tired of the Crime?
Tired of exercising in a Gym?

Are you ready for a new way of life in a small town 
nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains... 

Lowest interest rates ever...what are you waiting for!!!

Welcome to Lovely Ouray, Colorado!
"Switzerland of America"
Hiking, Jeeping, 
and allround 
Recreational Capital of The World

This, can be your new "Gym"

Hello, we have a beautiful home for sale in Lovely Ouray, Colorado. It is perched overlooking town and would make a great vacation home...  a summer recreational retreat for jeeping, hiking, exploring, and/or, a winter wonderland hub for skiing Telluride, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and soaking in the Ouray Hot Springs,  a four minute walk from your new front door. 
In addition to photos below, here is a
LINK to a recent walk-through Video 

Now, why invest in Ouray Real Estate?

  • Because The City of Ouray has a limited supply of land and will soon run out of room for growth (think Sedona). Ouray has pushed up against its National Forest boundaries, and we all know how shortages create investment opportunities. 
  • Because it is the most beautiful place on earth.
  • Because it is still affordable. Our home in Ouray would sell for over 3 million dollars just 17 miles away (as the crow flies) in Telluride. 
  • Because of the numerous Hot Springs.
  • Because you can walk to so many trailheads from home.
  • Because you are tired of City Life, congestion, crime, noise, pollution, crowds, high taxes, commutes... and so on.

Here are a few photos of our two-home family vacation compound that we had for sale. The one on the right SOLD recently, but the one on the left is still for sale. It's an upscale three bedroom, 3 bath... or you can use the downstairs Bed Room as a "Mother-in-law studio apartment or an alternate, more private Master Bedroom from the one upstairs.  Click on photos for a slide show in a larger format.

This home is almost brand new... grass now grows in the
lawn area and landscaping is done... complete with an automatic sprinkler system and drip irrigation for flower beds and potted plants outdoors. 
Here is another look at the "Blowout." The house looks right into
the heart of this colorful formation.
Rainbow over downtown Lovely Ouray

Three Imax Windows in the new house... this one overlooks town and mountains
The "Focal Point Fireplace" anchors the living room... when you finally pull your eyes from the Imax Windows
We like "pop outs"

Gas Range

Granite, everywhere... even in bath rooms
top of the line washer dryer with extended warranty

extended warranties on all major appliances

High efficiency Maytag fridge costs only 78 dollars per
year to operate

under counter sink for easy cleaning
View of our home from neighbors house. 
Lost the Christmas Spirit? No Snow where you live? This could be your vacation home/family retreat. Ouray has an in town Sledding Hill and a Rope Tow Ski slope that the kids or grandkids can walk to. Then go soak in the Hot Springs Pool... it's just around the corner from our driveway. 

Or, you can go watch Ice Festival Climbers in Box Canyon all winter... maybe learn to climb yourself.

We are in our 60's and still enjoy going on long snowshoe treks up on
Red Mountain, only 8 miles away. Then, of course, go for a soak in the Hot Springs

Hot Springs....

Post Card
Now for photos of the surrounding area...

14,100 foot Mount Sneffels and Blue Lakes... only 8 miles from our house. And yes, there are Trout in that lake.

Facts and Figures 
  • House is UPSCALE, a 1650 sq ft, 3 bath (one of which is a downstairs Mother in Law studio apartment with separate entry), a spacious, heated, two car garage with 9 foot ceilings, LOTS of storage, plus a workbench. Hot Water in floor heat throughout home and garage, top of the line appliances and cabinets, remote control skylight with an auto close rain sensor, 3 huge Imax living room windows, extremely low taxes and utility bills. The yard, shrubs, and flower garden are in, and so is an automated sprinkler and drip irrigation system to water everything. Located in a small, elevated 4 home subdivision that is now built out... and the two houses on either side of our house are owned by out-of-state older family's that use them as vacation get-aways and thus are seldom here.
  • No HOA fees!!!!!!!!!
  • Unblocked views of town, pool, and surrounding mountains.
  • Walk to the Hot Springs or town in minutes
  • Ski Telluride a little over an hour away... Purgatory, two hours... Crested Butte, 3 hours... Monarch, 3 hours, Powderhorn, 2.5 hours.
  • Jeeping capital of the world
  • 8 hours from shorts and tee shirt weather in Arizona
  • Lots of nearby National Parks
  • Did I mention no HOA fees!
  • Google Ouray, Colorado for more info on this wonderful, one of a kind place, or see links below!
Now By Owner and reduced to 
 for Summer of 2016.

Here is a walk-thru video link to see the house and grounds

970 209-5795
970 497-0053
for more info.


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  1. Wow, tis a lovely place. What beautiful homes and reasonable prices. You've sold me...well almost! Good luck with the sales and good promoting job. Lynda


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