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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

One Final Deep-Snow Hike With Caleb and Kelli Before Heading South...

Couldn't have asked for a better day to squeeze in one last romp in waist-deep snow. Well, waist deep for Kelli, that is.
Snow adds another hour and jaw-dropping beauty to one of my favorite summer dry-hikes. South-facing Oak Creek Trail is a convenient, out-of-the-north-wind solar bomb of a hike during winter. To avoid wearing clompy snowshoes, Bobbie and I try and keep it "broke in" while in Lovely Ouray December through mid-January. Just be sure to wear some good boots and tall gators.

Playing in deep snow is about as close as one can get to winding back the "clock" to those good-ole carefree days of childhood. As with sledding, it puts a smile on your face and a few good belly-laughs...especially when someone in the group is...uh, somewhat vertically challenged  :). 

Bobbie and I are loading up the car this morning. We'll be heading for southwest Utah to pick up "Annie" (Goldie's replacement), then south to play in southern Arid-zona. I'm taking my gators and micro-spikes in case Mount Wrightson is climbable :)

I'm excited!  

Dotter in law Kelli and son Caleb

Our beat-in path has some fresh snow.

Kelli's attempts to go "off-trail" results in some hilarious  waist-deep wades...

But the views of Little Sister and Twin Peaks are stunning

Good luck Kelli

Looks like Kelli found a deep spot :)
Peace out.
mark, bobbie, caleb and kelli.


  1. Will miss Little Switzerland looking just like Switzerland, it's been grand, now don't forget your Sun Screen .

    D& A

  2. It looks like another "good" snow year there :) Enjoy the southward migration.

  3. Recently found your site when searching for stuff to do in Ouray. Going to miss your winter adventures.


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