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Friday, December 13, 2019

Cold Play...Just For Laughs...

Laughter might well be the second most contagious form of emoting...right behind crying.

As we prepped for going to Lovely Ouray's Sled Hill, I told D. in Law, Kellie, Be prepared to laugh. Sledding the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Turns out I was right. Hopefully this will be good for a giggle or two, maybe even provide a break from Holiday Stress Syndrome.   :)

Click this Youtube Link   

Had enough? Well, here are a few Golden Oldies from years gone by...

Glissading Bobbie  

Glissading Mark 

Sledding Dead Man's Curve  

Leon Snowman



  1. Replies
    1. Keep the Winter sports channel going would ya, reminds me of my childhood; nice to start the day out laughing, wish we were there. Love the sound effects too.
      That shot up 7th Ave sure makes me Ouray sick :)
      We are sending more snow your way soon:)


  2. Yeah. Oh yeah! Bobbie, Mark, Leon............ Buddy Holly comes to mind: Well, the little things you say and do make me want to be with you.
    Rave on, it's a crazy feeling and I know it's got me reelin',

    1. Nice...
      So glad we stumbled across friendship with you two...once on purpose at Huaco Tanks, then again quite by accident in Chiricahua, remember? Hope we can meet up soon,
      mark and bobbie


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