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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Land of Lack-O-News Brims with Wonder

Picking up where I left off, easing on down the road from the massive uplift of San Raphael Swell to Capitol Reef’s canyons and thrones...

If God truly exists, there’s a good chance he resides in Capitol Reef. It just fits—then again, so does Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, and pretty much anywhere one wanders in Utah. It’s just a freaking astonishing state. Bobbie and I are fortunate and thankful that it’s only a stone’s throw from Lovely Ouray, way down in southwest Colorado.

From the darkness of Hanksville to the luminescence of Capitol Reef is, metaphorically speaking, day and night. For the Mormon pioneers who chose to claim this Godforsaken alkaline-white adobe bottomland as their “Zion,” you have my deepest sympathy. If only you would have pushed on another 30 miles. Man-oh-man, what a difference. 

Snaking through the depths of a slender canyon alongside the Fremont River, autumnal cottonwood leaves ablaze in cadmium yellows, it’s easy to understand why Mormon pioneers called it good and settled here. 

Now, let me show you around our boondock  camp.  Not bad, eh, right on the Park’s border. 

The only fault I can find with boondocks in Nowhere, Utah, is the pathetic lack of Verizon. We had, and still have for that matter, a signal strength of 1x…about enough to call 911, not enough for internet blog post updates, though emails upload given enough time. Thus, we are left to internet bakeries, malt shops, restaurants, and free wi-fi at visitor’s centers, most of which are just as pathetically slow. Oh well, less time to waste on surfing vast wastelands of bad news. 

Our first hike was on the Fremont Gorge Overlook Trail, a whopping 5 miles with a thousand feet of elevation gain ☺.

It went something like this…

Enough to work up an appetite for three of those cute, but pricey little pies sold next door to the campground; apple, pumpkin, and a mixed berry. 
Peace out,
Mark and Bobbie, 
on the road in Utah.  

The house of pies....


  1. Ahhh, my first boondock spot. :::sigh:::

    What, no pumpkin milkshake to go with that pie??

    1. Oh I remembered, and indulged, in those yummy Pumpkin Spice shakes. And I remembered with some nostalgia meeting you for the first time at that great boondock site...
      Now you've forsaken the west... taken flight to check off far away eastern bucket list destinations, and it's sad you are not HERE for your's, mine, and Jim's birthday celebrations...
      Mark and Bobbie

  2. Those are some great little pies!
    We're missing you guys on our hikes.

  3. We want to see more hikes in Capital Reef, the eyes never get tired of feasting on all the loveliness and the beauty of fall there. Heard about the house of pies but haven't tired it yet, but for sure next time we get through area. Our paper today said Zion had the most visitors last year out of all the Nat'l Parks so better stay on the perimeter again this year. Got a cake in the oven here today and will light a fire tonight and dream about two souls ensconced in the bosom of Mother Nature out there in Red Rock Country.
    Stay Warm & stay Thirsty

  4. Ahhhhh, you've got me Utah dreamin', wishing we had headed there this fall....can't beat the landscapes there compared to anywhere else.

  5. I have partaken in one of the pies with ice creme after a very long tough hike and it was truly beyond awesome!

  6. The photos of autumn in Capitol Reef are much appreciated.

    1. "Touching" your Utah nerve, eh?
      There's no place like home...

  7. Sshhhhh! Enough about the beauty of Capital Reef. Our favorite area of all time. We don't want it to become like Zion.

  8. Your photos of Utah's pumpkin colored rock formations gets me in the mood for halloween. The sky in Utah is so blue. And I bet the pie tasted rewarding after the hike.
    Enjoy Utah hiking!

  9. I'm missing Utah. Capitol Reef is my favorite. Love those pies!!


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