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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Insult to Injury...A Bonus Post

And the Weather God has spoken. Rumors of Old Man Winter's death are greatly exaggerated...

Just when I thought we might squeak by this year, sail right on in to summer on a warm breeze, a little insult to injury. 

Truthfully? I love snow. But, like children, there comes a time when enough is enough...especially as we inch toward June.

So we are teased with a string of glorious sunny days, hopes are high, living is easy...bike rides to Camp Bird Mine, walking the River Trail, power-hiking County Road 14 with hand weights, a snowless loop around Ouray's Perimeter Trail! 

Then Bam.

But let's focus on before the "Bam."    

Shots from our Perimeter Trail hike: Hot Springs Pool remodel is progressing nicely. Above the pool, on the hillside, is a cluster of houses. Ours is the Spruce Green one...

U. S. Mountain fill's the green V-knotch. Telluride is just on the other side...17 miles by Jeep, foot, or bike, but only 6 miles as the crow flies. 6 miles is all it takes to multiply real estate by a factor of 10. Location, location, location.

South facing Twin Peaks rises high and dry over Bobbies head. But trust me when I tell you that the trail up to the top is mostly on the shady north side, and won't be free of deep, steep, snow till mid June. View below warms my cockles...

Evening Primrose thinks it's spring. Ha!

A bridal veil waterfall. Snow's a-melting up high. And more Primrose below...then more views from the Perimeter Trail.

The Blowout is darn colorful once the snow's gone. 

Now come along with me on a mountain bike grunt up Camp Bird Road to the mine. This climb makes Flying Monkey look like Kansas. Note aspen's greening up...

Ride along the edge for the best views down :)

The mountains don't care...

I give the ride, weather, and scenery a big "thumbs up." Yep...just might sail right on in to Summer on a warm breeze... (&$*^&%$@&*&() ????

Oops. 12 inches of it... and more coming :(. And to think, I packed away all the snow shovels just a few days ago. Ha!

Thumbs down now. Hopes dashed, mood sunk, mountain bike put away. But I'm not digging out long pant or boots. Nope. Not me. Not even sure if I own a pair of long pants, actually, but I do have boots. It's just that they make my feet look bigger when I wear shorts.

Poor Hummers...I wish I could warm their juice.

Now for our cheery forecast...it's for the birds!


  1. You guys should have joined us in Sedona. Highs have only been in the 60s!

  2. I liked the first set of summer'ish photo's - nice to be able to look at them and reminisce about our short visit to Ouray last fall. "Flying Monkey look like Kansas"? Hell, I was barely able to chase you & Mikael up the Monkey - Camp Bird will have to wait.

  3. You could live here in Rockport TX where it is getting down to 72 at night.

  4. Here in Flaming Gorge, Utah, the weather scene looks just like Lovely Ouray. Same storm. Getting tired of wiping snow off the portable satellite DISH.

  5. Sure is pretty...till you have to shovel it! I guess it adds variety to your workout!

  6. We are with you Mark--there comes a time when enough is enough! Fifteen inches at our place in Montana and no power for 24 hours due to this heavy, wet snow storm. UGH!

  7. It's just wonderful to see all YOUR snow. Although just at the minute when it is NINETY FIVE degrees in MAY in Virginia and should be in the 70's, it actually looks pretty good. Sounds like we are both doing some ridiculous extremes here. Hmmmmmmm, I can't find anything about Climate change on the government websites. Must not be happening.

  8. Wow. Seems unfair to get that much snow so late. Such a beautiful place in any weather.

  9. Isn't Nature Awesome?
    Ain't Life Grand?
    What a Wonderful World!


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