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Monday, February 27, 2017

Honey Bee

For your entertainment/amusement, I offer a 4 minute video synopsis of Honey Bee, a real sweet ride...

Click this LINK now :)


  1. Nice ride!! Looks a lot like the trails here at McDowell.

  2. I had to watch that with both hands on the keyboard, considering you only had one hand on the handlebars!

  3. Thanks for the tip! We are going to do it Wednesday am. Loaded my MTB Project app and map and will scout out the parking situation on Tuesday during the rain and laundry. Should be fun! Where did you park?

    1. We've entered at two different points... the easiest is from Miravista (just before you get to the weird looking church, about 200 yards off Oracle road). No parking at the church but a big lot next to the gas station/Bashes supermarket one block away at Golder Ranch Road and Oracle.
      The other entry is to take Rancho Vistoso Blvd. off Oracle and park in the little plaza that has a Police Dept. there... then hop on your bikes and cross Greenspun road... then look for a little trail (not marked) that goes up to the right, and before you get to the next road. Sheesh. The hardest part is finding a way to get on it the first time :). You will need your app., so many intersections, no signs. But, well worth the effort. We rode it both directions... liked clockwise the best. If you go to the Miravista entry there is one sign pointing the way off the pavement (really it's just the church driveway). About a half mile in you need to look for a fence to the right with an obvious trail on the other side. Cross the fence there... it has some hooks so that you can undo each wire instead of lifting your bikes up and over.
      We might pull out tomorrow from Gilbert Ray... if we do we might join you from our boondock a couple miles away... will let you know. What time do you want to start???

    2. On Wednesday we will probably start our ride around 9:30 am and bring snacks and a light lunch and take our time. Welcome to meet up over by the Bashas.

  4. Looks like fun -- I sure would hate to end up in one of those big piles of cacti! Good incentive to stay ON the trail, eh? :)

  5. Thanks, subscribed to YouTube as well

  6. Winter skies over the Arizona deserts are the best....enjoyed the ride.

    Signs of Spring all about here in N. Cal ,can't wait to get out on a road trip soon.


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