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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Family Comes Knocking

A couple weeks ago great niece, Megan, and nephew, Dan, blew into Lovely Ouray for a couple of days. They are on a great road trip from Pennsylvania to California and points in between. As of this post I think they are homeward bound, somewhere in Nebraska dodging tornados and lightening. 

We gave them the deluxe two-day tour of town, which somehow always seems to end up in brewpubs. What can I say, they are their fathers children, chips off the old Hop-loving block :)


  1. One thing is incredibly apparent. I don't think I've seen you or Bobbie smile so much. Me thinks you both really enjoyed their visit.

  2. Looks like a smashing fun time in lovely Ouray! Cheers!

  3. Family visits are fun, especially in such a beautiful place as Ouray! Time passes by so quickly!


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