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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Images From the BCB Travel Museum and Springtime in Lovely Ouray

Arizona flowers and clouds

Running the "Loneliest Highway," Route 50 across Neveda.

Watercolor, "Wild Horses." (Stones)
Arizona Sunset

Old Rusty Delivery Truck, on Yupo

Jerome Jewels

Another lonely highway…Arizona

Sunday-go-to-meeting Chevy

Victorville church…no truck

Garden truck

Stormy Road…Neveda

San Fran Cisco

Freeze Frame: Owen Jumps

Lovely Maia

Houseboat Subdivision in Sausalito, California.

U. S. 101


Golden Gate Bridge…San Fran Cisco in background

Bryce Canyon Landscape

Bryce Canyon Portrait

Oregon gulls and surf


Coastal Oregon
Redwood Driftwood

Morning Fog

 Mount Abram, Lovey Ouray

Swiss Charm

Total Restoration

Ouray Spring

Character on Oak Street

…more character on Oak Street

Oldest Hotel in Ouray, 1891, and it shows...

Our "Supermarket"

Our Livery Stable...

Behind the Livery...

Fellin Park

The Blowout

Only a couple more snows till November

Son Caleb and Bobbie on the Perimeter Trail


  1. Thanks for the BCB Museum tour! Fantastic...
    And Ouray is quite lovely in the spring!

  2. Sweet......and Lovely Ouray.... hope you are o.k. We have been missing you...all us lurkers. Thanks, Laverne

  3. Another lurker who has really been missing you! Hope you are all right. Have been worried..... Rose

  4. Absolutely marvelous to see you back again, but definitely worth the wait. Just one minor point.... that lighthouse is definitely not Bandon. More like Trinidad in California.

  5. But wait....I wasn't through the Twelve Step Program yet. Does this mean I will need to go back to Step One??

    Gorgeous museum collection! I am glad Wild Horses...couldn't drag you away...

  6. Love the picture set, but I'm intrigued about that lighthouse (being a bit of a lighthouse nut). I know it's not in Bandon. In fact I can't think of anywhere in OR that it might be. California maybe? Gorgeous pics!


    1. Nina... it's Trinidad (north of Eureka, CA)

  7. Nice photos! I especially like the ones of the Oregon coast (but I'm biased...) :)

  8. Only a couple of more snows till November?...Shoot!..I still have 4 cft of snow left and the hummers are humming around my head.....At least no skeeters..Yet...I bet Goldie is chomping at the bit...

  9. I hope you are doing well...your paintings are lovely!

  10. The painting in your header photo is dramatic! It captures that same essence that you catch when photographing the mountains. Amazing. Do hope that you are doing OK and that the surgery will happen soon and be done with. Thinking of you and glad to see you painting and posting.

  11. Just finished Travels with Charlie- no pictures -- soo prefer BCB!! take care --- walden creek rv

  12. Really like the paintings Mark. Don't let your mind idle out. Push yourself..........

  13. Thanks for the tour! It was nice to hear from you.

  14. The watercolors look great.

  15. Beautiful collection of photos and art. I'm looking forward to seeing mountain wildflowers this summer. Always love returning to Colorado.

  16. I agree with Sue, your header painting is a master piece, with such vivid colors of purple and green. Caleb and Bobbie looking good hiking the Perimeter Trail, keeping their footing around the waterfall. Hope all is well with you.
    John Q

  17. Miss you. Hope you're ok. Cousin Deb

  18. Thanks for the Ouray fix...I've been gone far too long.


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