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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marauding Day and Night-in-Gales: Small Dog and Foul Mood Warnings!

"Mariah blows the stars around and sends the clouds a-flying, Mariah makes the mountain sound like folks were up there dying. 
Marrriahhhhhhh...they call the wind Mariah."

That thieving, blowhard bitch Mariah is trying to rob Ms Autumn's burgeoning coat of many colors. Boy, if I could land a punch I'd put her in the grave...where the sun don't shine and the wind don't blow no mo'.

A guy waits and waits and waits some fifty weeks for Ms Autumn's fleeting, splendorous surge of glory, and look what happens. We are thirty six hours and counting—only about halfway, if one is to believe the weather-guessers—through a, mood altering, God forbidding, life sucking, mother f&$#*@g, leaf stripping wind storm. Not since the great dustbowl days has Mariah been so "Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty." 

Yesterday Mariah reduced the Hot Springs Pool to tepid bathwater unfit for soaking. It was a waste of precious time and money, a less than fulfilling couldn't-break-a-sweat experience and about as much fun as kissing your sister. My only hope lies in the fact that Ms Autumn's arrival was rain-delayed...having only just begun to light our candles of Aspen with her magic torch. With the preponderance of work yet to be done, I'm praying for all those green leaves to tie a knot and hang in there...to weather this blow job...and I would appreciate it if you'd do the same. 

Insult to injury; as the house shudders, trees bang the deck rail, and small dogs sail like kites at the ends of leashes, I'm informed that it's time go go for our daily walk! Well that should cheer me up (gurrrrr).


But, on the other hand, Tuesday was a ruby, a fine gem-of-a-day for hiking with friends...to cast eyes on recent snows above timberline and revisit Ice Lake's sky blue waters; kinda makes me want a Hamms. Never been to Ice Lake draped in a shawl of snow.

Speaking of "shawl," Glenn, of "To Simplify" fame, has taken up the mantle of hiking (gasp). Better late than never. Being slim and young(er), Glenn was able to go from a sea level non aerobic lifestyle to Fit for Fourteeners in the month since we last saw him—you know, when he begged off our hiking invitations due to shortness of breath and the false rumor that we enjoy dragging unsuspecting tourists to the edge of their deathbeds. 

Marathon Man Leonard joined in, as well as our high altitude friends Martha and Tim. They live at 10,000 feet, where even a bowel movement counts as aerobic activity. I know that is disgusting, but I'm in a foul mood! 

Off we went into the wild blue yonder...and you get to come along without so much as raising your pulse...

Pal Boonie, this postcard's for you!

Stay tuned for part two...
Now go take a hike...


  1. Wow, that photo of you (I think) crossing the creek looks like you're in fine cross-country skiing mettle.

    And yeah, gig Boonie every chance you can. LOL

  2. Oh no, snow. It looks a bit crisp. Don't sea Leonard in the lake. ;)

  3. I hope those leaves hang on, IM flying out next week to visit the fam...I really want to be rewarded with all that GOLD! Awesome Photos the lake and the white stuff all over the moun-teen just lovely.

  4. Ooh, last picture takes your breath away. Gorgeous!

  5. All of those photos are postcard worthy.
    Just be thankful you were in your house and not in Goldie during the wind. We had the same windstorm and it was not a pleasant night!

  6. It's been blowing in Moab....not exactly the type of skin exfoliation I was hoping for. This sandblasting is anything but spa like. This too shall pass ;-) The snowy backdrop and changing Aspen....stunning. Don't wait too long before starting the southern migration or Goldie might find herself deep in the white crap....I mean snow!

  7. " Ms Autumn's fleeting, splendorous surge of glory," .... love it. all the pictures are splendorous but that last picture is breathtaking... !

  8. Great news about Glenn taking up hiking. He couldn't have chosen a better milieu than the San Juans and the Johnsons. Although hiking is a great sport for any traveler, it is especially advantageous to one in a small rig.

    Of course, we should see this as just a first step in his moral redemption: his turning away from the deadend career of urban boondocking.

  9. Hope the wind dies down and your mood improves. Remind me not to visit Ouray on a windy day, haha.

  10. Looks like you enjoyed your hike and a few Hamm's afterward too.

  11. Ice Lake is just as gorgeous with a dusting of the white stuff. It's been cold here in Bend too, just light winds tho. Fall (feels like winter) hit with a roar.

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  12. Always fun to hike in the first snow fall wearing shorts and a tee shirt but sad knowing summer is at an end. Your photo's are getting me in the mood for the Fall colors. Sept/Oct are some of the best weather here in Indiana, not too hot and sunny blue sky's which high lite the changing tree colors.
    How about those Broncos.......Is Manning going to take the team to the Superbowl? Oct. 20th Broncos are in Indy to play the Colts...QB's Luck and Manning should make it an enjoyable game to watch.
    John Q

  13. Noooooo...wind be GONE! Don't take away those beautiful fall colors! Love your pics as usual, and sure looks like you got Glen out of the city and into nature. A complete conversion?

  14. "...and the FALSE rumor that we enjoy dragging unsuspecting tourists to the edge of their deathbeds."


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